Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Plaid Dress + A Tiger Head Plush Backpack - Yes, this is a thing!

Anyone here watch the news lately? Dear Lordy, I smell Third World War coming! And people laughed when I stacked up on survival kits and crossbows....who's laughing now huh!!! Huuuuuh!???? Anyone wanna trade canned food for a crossbow call me!!! Or never mind, I'll just gather some cockroaches form under the sofa, Bear Grylls says these things are high on protein. I bet if you deep fry them in butter it would be like eating chips which have the capacity to stay alive even if you hit them with your Political Science textbook. I've had cockroaches survive a Game of Thrones novel, they deserve some recognition for that! If only I didn't have a violent outburst of rage every time I saw a cockroach, I'd actually admire them and give them cute names like Marshmallow and Kowalski.

Aaanywho, since this is a somewhat fashion blog I will now mention a few words about the climate! The weather here has been so warm and awesome it makes me want to puke! There is no sight of winter and even worse, no hint of Christmas :( and I'm the most stereotypical blogger when it comes to Christmas! Everything too flashy and too much is my type of Holiday, food and clothing! Speaking of......I've got a rad new item to show you, one that changed my life, the way only a fictional gorgeous male character from a computer game can! Looking at you Geralt of Rivia
I've teamed up with Banggood to bring you a backpack I've been dying to have, ever since I first saw it in a Japanese fashion magazine. Are you ready?????......Wait for it....



I've named him Macaron! I've never eaten macaroons, and I hope I'll never be eaten by a tiger, so this solid logic helped me land on this particular name. Btw, what's up with girls getting all wet about macaroons? Are they really that good? Someone send me a box, so I would give my pro opinion!

Any who, what I ordered from Banggood, as you can see, is this giant tiger head backpack! Duuuuuude! It's huge, it's fluffy, it has a cute pink button nose and big round piercing eyes which creep the hell out of my boyfriend. He says it looks waaaaay too realistic, so just like the normal humans we are, we thought we'd plaster it on the wall in our apartment so it could stare at our every move. Watching porn would be a difficult task with Macaron glaring from behind your back.... See?

For anyone interested in Banggood, I first heard about them from a friend of mine (the one who says I dress ugly). He constantly orders nerd stuff from there and by nerd stuff I don't mean cute, dorky stuff like a Spider-Man mug, I mean the hardcore extreme nerd items like electronic components and the such, that would make any girl weak at the knees...............not! So, since he was extremely pleased by these guys, I thought I'd try them out too.

Banggood offer a crazy huge variety of items and at great prices too. Shipping took 14 days for Bulgaria which is quite standard and I love the quality of the backpack. I wasn't expecting the tiger's muzzle to be so detailed, cute and realistic. I was prepared for a messed up creepy face, like some sick laboratory experiment abomination. It's hard to make decent plush toys that look like real animals, I am yet to find The Penguins of Madagascar plushies which don't look like they were made from a guy who hates his job and is on LSD. 

The pattern of the fur of the tiger, the eyes and the overall colors are just gorgeous. The only negative is that you can't carry a lot of crap in the backpack, although at first glance it looks like you can store a lot in it, it's a trap! The place to store your beef jerky and lipstick is limited and feels weird and uncomfortable when you stuff in a camera for example, but other than that this is the most perfect item I've ever laid my skinny fingers on! I am bursting at the seams with joy!

I thought I'd style the tiger head plush backpack with a slight hint of Japan and the school girl uniform, so I wore my newly thrifted plaid dress and a basic white button-down under it. The plaid dress is from a second hand store near our block, and it's of rare high quality. I smell moneyz every time I wear this dress, it just feels different and more luxurious than the other crap I own. I checked the tag and it says it's from Le Chateau which sounds as fancy as something a vegan would eat, and is actually a rather pricey brand. Yay for me!

I think the size of the dress is L, or XL, so I am considering giving it to a grandpa I know who can alter it, but the boyfriend says it looks better the way it is. But I'm not convinced, what do you guys think? Huge or fitted would be better? 

In other news I got my hair dyed and cut in a fancy salon, but you can't see the difference, because life....I paid 37$ for this, which is too much, toooooooo toooo much!!!

And with this I leave you my lovely macarons! I have a lot of juicy posts coming up so see you soon and stay kewl, or at least pretend you're kewl like I do!

Plush Tiger Head Backpack - c/o Banggood, Plaid Dress - Second Hand, Button Down Shirt - Yoins.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"I'm Back!" - Totally Legit Quote By The Terminator

 5 Signs Your Real Life Got More Important Than Internet

1. Your Facebook account sends you a message that you haven't posted in weeks and it misses you.
2. You're outside with your friends at that fancy new restaurant, where rich people are paying 20 bucks for a hamburger and you're not photographing your food.
3. You're enjoying a glass of red wine in your only set of sexy pj's, reading a romance novel set in 1942 and you're not instagramming it. 
4. You bought the most radical pair of 70's flared jeans and not even gonna blog about it.
5. You just realized you haven't opened your e-mail in 16 days.

Yup, consider this small list my way of saying real life got more important than my internet life...Hence, I haven't posted in two weeks. That's a first! And hopefully last! I'm not gonna bore you with the details, but I'm done with real life! There are too many mosquitoes and random strangers in cafes offering you healthier coffee choices, when you just want to drink your coffee as black as petroleum, munch on bacon and die of swollen heart. Soooooooooo.... what's been going on with you precious gems? *insert flirty wink and awkward attempt to show interest*

Obviously been away for two weeks must have left you guys absolutely heart broken, don't worry I'm not dead.....yet. And I've prepared a few outfits under my shirt, eeeeek, kinky! Since I've been absent for some time I'm posting TWO outfits today! YES, not ONE, but TWO! Try to restrain your enthusiasm please, we don't want anyone dying from too much joy!

I have once again partnered up with Yoins, and if you are interested check out my previous review about them here. I was very pleased by our first collaboration, so I thought, heck, even if my wardrobe is already bursting at the seams with stuff I have nowhere to wear because I'm a lonely sociopath, why refuse another batch of pretty goodies? It's like refusing another sandwich after the first two because you might throw up from overeating, you might means there is a slim chance that you won't, so.... 

The first pieces I styled from Yoins are a gray bodycon skirt and this colorful cuff bracelet. I have a slight beef with these two items. The skirt is very slouchy, not at all the bodycon tight shape showing on the website's photos, it falls loose on the body and looks kinda weird. Th cuff is made from a very rough material and it's not very easy to wear, but for this price it's fairly reasonable. Also, it was too big for my hand so I used some help from the super Wolverine boyfriend to make it tighter.

I'm trying to include more basic and daily pieces into my wardrobe, ones that I can wear to a funeral maybe? without feeling weird about my sequins reflecting light into someone's I splurged on this poncho last Sunday during an event in Sofia, where Bulgarian designers were gathered to sell their merchandise in a big marketplace. Snowflakes are a bit too cheerful for a funeral perhaps, but I can absolutely nail this for a job interview!
The poncho is from Vintage Summer and I don't know if they ship outside Bulgaria, but do check these guys out, they have one of a kind quality pieces, the poncho is as soft as cat's paws and it can be worn as a scarf or a simple cardigan as well!

Gray Bodycon Skirt - c/o Yoins, Colorful Cuff Bracelet - c/o Yoins, Snowflake Poncho - Vintage Summer, Bullet Necklace - Choies.

The other item I ordered from Yoins is this yellow leopard sweater which I am madly in love with right now. After seeing this street style shot on the Googly Google, a fluffy leopard print sweater has been on my radar for a while. Even though the skirt and bracelet from Yoins were a downer, I have to admit the sweater is lovely, the material is super thick, soft and cozy, and the color is a rich deep yellow, as if freshly dipped in mustard, yum!

I thought I'd make the sweater the accent of my outfit and just added a few extras for seasoning. The black cap is a new purchase from H&M and I love how it looks with my hair curled up. For bottoms I wore a second hand green leather skirt and for shoes - my Chelsea camel booties with men's socks on top. And duuuude, after seeing these photos I realize my shoes need serious cleaning, but I'm toooooo laaazzzyyyyyyy! Most people say that no matter how glamorous your outfit is, dirty shoes ruin it all, but I say - no matter how dirty your shoes are, you can always eat pizza instead of cleaning....

Overall I am split between feeling disappointed and rather happy about my new purchases from Yoins. The skirt and bracelet fail made me a bit sour, but the sweater is so lovely I am more inclined towards saying Yay, rather than Nay. Just keep in mind, you have to choose your items carefully. Maybe opt for something more "easy" as your first purchase and not a difficult material or design. Something that you can't go wrong with. Or if you are feeling adventurous go for it to the max and order whatever catches your eye, the prices are quite affordable.
Have you guys ordered from Yoins before? What do you think of both outfits? Are you lusting over leopard prints as I am?

Yellow Leopard Print Sweater - c/o Yoins, Leather Skirt & Purse - Second Hand, Chelsea Camel Boots - Stradivarius, Cap - H&M, Red Sandalwood Watch - JORD

Friday, October 23, 2015

Wine Red Suede Fringe Skirt & Faux Fur Collar

I just became a legit adult! Yaaaay! ^_^ No, I didn't do grocery shopping with a list or arranged my socks into different color piles, but I managed to do something very special! I was passing by some dudes when one of them asked for directions to our supermarket and I........wait for it...............gave................the...............RIGHT...............directions!!!! O_O
Or at least I think I did which in my book is a victory! Honestly, this is a first and deserves to be mentioned and forever written down into the Internet's archives, right next to "Other useless facts about Keit" and "That video of a sneezing baby panda".

Seriously though, why are directions and generally even knowing where you are, such a hard thing! Once I got lost in my own hometown which is as big as a hen house! We were celebrating a friend's birthday and I had one too many drinks, because my name isn't Katerina if I hadn't drank alcohol at least twice the amount of my own weight. One of my friends had to go to work and drunk Keit decided to play the gentleman and walk her to her workplace and all was fine and dandy until after I sent her to work, I got lost and continued to search my way back, scrambling around like a deranged drunken homeless person. They even sent a search and rescue team to retrieve me, but I managed to find the birthday friend's home all by myself.........after some 45 minutes or so......

Receiving directions is as hard as giving them, I always seize to listen to what the person is saying and just nod understandingly and then proceed to be confused and lost. Getting directions is the same as how I approach studying and learning.
My extreme willingness to understand the person's directions is so strong I keep thinking how crucial it is to concentrate and listen very hard, and during this line of thought ironically I stop listening and loose whole words and even sentences. Orientation is not my thing, female of me! But my sister is a female and she knows her way through any kind of terrain, she even knows how to read a map! She must have taken the good genes, all I'm left with is the gene for useless short memory and googly eyes.

I am curious though, how are you guys at orientation and path finding? Are you a bad ass calculating robot? I bet you are! Sigh.....
Phew, all these ramblings have left me parched and craving for some fashion juice, so let's proceed to some clothes talk!

I ordered this gorgeous fringe skirt from Choies alongside with my leopard flats and was initially thinking of combining them together, but I like this version more. 
I have to say, I'm still not completely sold on the suede trend, I remember when suede was very unfashionable and I don't like how the fabric itself looks on mah body. I think a more thick suede material would be better than what I own, and what I currently own are thin suede stuff that outline your underwear and I don't want my granny panties to be that obvious! You should buy me a few drinks first! 
What do you guys think of the suede trend? 

So I was somewhat skeptical when I ordered this skirt, but as it always happens in my life, I was wrong! The material is thick and cozy enough even for the cold weather and I love the appetizing wine color. It also comes with a belt with lots of holes, and this is an awesome perk, since I always plead the boyfriend to drill more holes into my belts since I'm skinny, and he always replies: "Uuuuuugh...".
I styled the skirt more autumn appropriate with cozy fur, purple ankle booties and my fuzzy white sweater.

It was raining kitties and doggies when we shot these photos, so excuse me if my hair looks horrid, but I was in a hurry and combed it into a fast messy bun + the rain and cold made it all frizzy and voila! I know you've probably heard this excuse 5 times already, but I feel like I need to explain to the world why I look like I just got out of bed after a night of being captured by aliens or something...
I didn't have the time to accessorize so I just slapped on my JORD wood watch and then regretted this decision, because watches and water don't go well together....Thankfully I remembered the watch is water resistant, so once again the battle against nature was won by me! Muahahaha!

I'm super excited about the new cozy autumn wear in Choies!!!!! These guys have so many suede goodies, not to mention fat, juicy jumpers, trendy duster coats and fancy shooooooes!!!! *_* Need... everything!

I've been thinking of finding a new faux fur collar since this one is too yellowish for my taste. Something brown would be better, or even fiery orange. In fact, any type of color that looks like some sort of real animal and would make PETA throw spit and red paint on me, would be great! Anyone know any good shopping places where I can buy a cheap faux fur collar? Just remember, I live in dodgy Eastern Europe, or to be more precise - Bulgaria:


Wine Red Suede Fringe Skirt - c/o Choies, Purple Ankle Boots, Fur Collar & Fuzzy Sweater - Second Hand, Red Sandalwood Watch - JORD